Complete ERP Suite for SMEs


An all-in-one ERP solution with CRM and ecommerce B2B/B2C.

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Specialists in wholesale distribution, with or without manufacturing

From provisioning to selling, complete control over processes.

Developing management software since 1989

From the product design, provisioning and production, trace and locate, manage stores, to PoS and customer service.

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We want to help you achieve your goals

We make your day to day easier, regardless of your role in the company


CEO - Management

Return on investment assured. Quick implementation. Clear costs from the start. Direct relationship with the manufacturer. Integrated control panel. Role system. Proximity and long-term relationship.

COO - Operations Management, WMS and Logistics

Management of all product phases, logistics and traceability in all operations. Optimize resources. Permanent inventory. Serial numbers, lots, locations. Real-time inventory valuation. Movements with automated picking. Integration with B2B and B2C portals (ecommerce), drop-shipping. Integration with logistic providers. Control of deposits and transits. Management of transport rates and shipment automation.

CSO - Sales Management

360º Vision. Global policies. Online Portal open to customers 24/7 (KRITER CONNECT). Ecommerce B2B and B2C (KRITER STORE). Mobile and Web CRM App (KRITER CRM REPCAMP).

CMO - Marketing Management

Lead and campaign management. Opportunity tracking, manage tasks throughout the sale process. Sales Pipeline. Integrate third-party marketing tools.

CFO - Financial Management

Manage costs and margins. Keep track of results. Finance and budget planning. Treasury management. Continuous and automated accounting. Official AEAT IIS statements. Immediate information supply. Business intelligence.

CIO/CTO/CDO - IT and Digital Transformation Management

Architecture based on quality and safety standards. Connect to your favorite applications. Administration by roles. Open database. API. Cloud or on-premise.