Connect, empower your customers


Connect and collaborate with your customers through the B2B Connect portal . A portal open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that your clients can access their information, documents (invoices, orders, etc.) and easily channel their support requests.

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Make interactions with customers easier

Kriter Connect optimizes administrative processes

Connect covers all administrative processes regarding your clients and provides them with self-service functions.

Download invoices, delivery notes, orders. Monitor your personal data (GDPR), track shipments, incidents, etc., with a powerful notification system. 

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Connect, your business front end

Open, agile, fast, powerful, easy to use


Configurable and secure

Customizable graphics and aesthetics. Advanced role and clearance system. Manage all communications with customers through secure channels.

GDPR Management

Let your customers manage their contact information without losing track and comply with GDRP legal requirements.

Consultation and download of documents

Simplify administrative tasks. Let customers download or consult related documents: invoices, delivery notes, orders...

Customer service

Communicate with your customers in an easy and orderly way. Provide them with a powerful tool for managing and monitoring support and information requests.

Transportation tracking

Provide real-time information on your shipments, with a gateway to the main transport companies.

Receive online payments

Complete online payment circuit for invoices.