IT professional services


Outsourcing IT.
Our Technicians and consultants are always available.

The entire Kriter Suite in Azure (Microsoft's Cloud), or in your datacenter. Your choice.

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The entire Kriter Suite in Microsoft Azure

A perfect match: Kriter Suite + Microsoft Azure, so you don't have to worry about your datacenter.

Safe and comfortable.

We manage complexity, while giving you control in Cloud service spending. We will train and help you take advantage of technology.


We will help you make the best decisions

We analyze your needs. Fast implementation.  A single contact person for both datacenter management and KRITER SUITE

Pay only what you need

We will help you to figure out your needs and we will adapt to them. Modulate step by step the processing power and availability that you need in every moment (KRITER ERP, CRM, CONNECT, STORE, …)

Monitor your costs

Check your consumption. Keep your costs to a minimum. We will guide you through it.

We ensure the continuity of your business

We provide the security level and redundancy you need, even with a Disaster Recovery system in another continent.

Microsoft's security systems will prevent cyberattacks

Cyberattacks are a reality that can not be ignored, keep security systems up to date with us.

Complete freedom. Transfer or modify your data center.

If you still want to deploy it all in your own data center, feel free to do it. You can deploy in both directions. Kriter Suite is also available on premise.

Your IT team

We want to feel like part of your staff.

Using Cloud services or your data center

The ideal solution can even be a combination of both worlds, always under the constant watch of true professionals.

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Cloud and data center infrastructures

We map out, implement and maintain cloud, hybrid and data center infrastructures. Hardware, Cloud and Systems Consulting.

Cloud migrations (Azure and Office 365)

Hiring IT services is easy, taking full advantage of them not so much. We are Office 365 specialists, and will help your team in maintaining order in your files and documentation.

Security and system audits

We carry out audits in order to evaluate your IT systems and report back with recommendations.

Cloud and local data center infrastructure maintenance.

We are responsible for keeping the implemented infrastructures operational with the necessary levels of resilience.

Protection against cyberattacks

Our team designs policies and protocols that add protection layers to security infrastructures.

Custom hotline service

Our custom hotline service will make sure that our communications are in time and on point. Our ticketing system guarantees complete traceability over any issue.