Manage your building materials business from a single point

Kriter Cloud Suite for the construction materials distribution and sales sector will allow you to manage and optimize your day-to-day activities in an agile and efficient way, with a 360º view of the entire process from a single control center.

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Kriter Cloud Suite for the materials and construction sector

Optimization, agility and increased productivity, rapid implementation and return on investment.

Different sales formats

Kriter ERP allows multi-unit management, or what is the same, buy by kilos and sell by meters, buy by tons and sell by bags or vice versa. You can create your kits for sale, scaled by volume, etc.

Not an item out of control

Manage serial and/or batch numbers and place them on shelves. Avoid stock breaks and optimize your warehouse with the calculation of needs. Locate and track fulfilled and undelivered customer orders on reserve.

Unlimited rates

Manage different rates that allow you to differentiate between professional clients and end users. Apply discounts and promotions. Apply sales escalations by volume.






Individual talent, group intelligence

Why Kriter Software

Our extensive experience obtained since 1989 and knowledge of the sector allow us to provide the ideal solution for your company.

Your benefit, the most important thing

Take the complete treasury management, with control of advances, collections, payments and remittances. Automated billing from delivery notes. One-click posting. Official statements AEAT, SII...

Connected to your customers

With Kriter Cloud Suite, connect 24x7 with Kriter Store B2B/B2C, Kriter Connect or third-party platforms. Expand your sales capacity with CRM Repcamp App, with integrated TAS.