Sell online through your own store


Selling online with your own ecommerce has never been easier, faster or more adaptable. Kriter Suite connects with the most used ecommerce platforms while offering a fully integrated B2B solution.

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Simplify management processes

Configure your store, synchronize your products, receive orders directly to your management system in a transparent way while avoiding the additional work of maintaining the online store.

Do you already have an online store? We will connect to it.

Synchronize all your products effortlessly from Kriter ERP to your ecommerce platform.

Receive all orders from your online store directly to Kriter ERP. Your transactions will be synced automatically.

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Discover Kriter Store, an elegant and efficient online store

Kriter's own OpenCart-based ecommerce solution.


Mobile-first design

Your online store has an integrated shopping cart designed for mobile commerce. Your customers can browse and shop at your store using any mobile phone or tablet.

Product variations

Offer different variations of your products, such as different sizes, colors, materials and more. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, weight, and inventory.

SEO labels for products

Optimize your product pages for search engines using product-specific meta tags, titles, and URL identifiers.

Multiple Images

Add multiple images to your products so you can display them from all angles.

Build loyalty

Incentivize new sales among your existing customers by activating the customer account creation feature on the checkout screen. Your customers will also be able to pay as guests without creating an account.

Email templates

Customize your store's automated emails with the layout and language of your choice.