Repcamp CRM, 360º vision of the customer, all in one tool


All the information and tools you need to optimize the productivity of your team, sell more, improve relationships and customer service.

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ERP and CRM working together

ERP information amplifies your salespower. What you do in the CRM App, you will find synchronized in the ERP.

Discover the Kriter Suite Workflow.

Integration of orders placed in RepCamp directly into the ERP, automatic linking in RepCamp of operational information in the ERP ... in a transparent way without complications.

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A single integrated solution

Increase the efficiency of your company by working in a fully cohesive environment.


CRM, manage orders, email marketing, ticketing, task management and more.

Forget about integrations, licenses in dozens of applications, the dispersion of data and the impossibility of working with teams that do not share tools.

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Repcamp, much more than a CRM

Better teamwork means better customer relations



Complete view of the commercial situation. Whatever your role in the company, our indicators will provide you with the global view you need for decision making (Pipeline, candidates, orders, leads, incidents, etc.)

Order Management

Reduce manual errors when taking orders! Keep reps up-to-date with the full product catalog, pricing, the latest inventory, and all relevant customer information.

Opportunity tracking

RepCamp will give you peace of mind. Being more efficient means selling more. If the entire process is automated, dedicate time to the customers, not to administrative tasks.


Increase your capacity and effectiveness in capturing new opportunities. Manage your mailing campaigns, events and commercial actions from a single tool.

Customer service

Manage and trace any communication (incidents, queries, etc.) with your clients. Generate tasks, plan actions (technical, commercial or administrative) and verify the result (status of tasks and technical bulletins for field work).

Team management

Creation and management of work groups. Assignment of tasks to users with any element of RepCamp (clients, leads, opportunities, etc). Task filter creation system to facilitate monitoring. Kanban type visualization.