Kriter solutions ecosystem


KRITER ERP is a complete, scalable and efficient management program for business planning,. By improving your overview of the business, you can increase your adaptability and accelerate your business strategies and improve your productivity. This makes KRITER ERP the best option to gain a firm control over the operations while also enabling you to anticipate and respond to market and technological changes that impact on your efficiency and growth.





CRM Solutions (repcamp)

At KRITER we have our own CRM solution (RepCamp) in addition to a unique product on the market like Kriter Knowledge Management (GCK) which enables tracking from the momnet you identify a lead as well as tracking all activity from potential customer to valued customer. 

E-commerce Solutions

We all know that, today, sales are multi-chanel. It is for this reason that, in addition to traditional processes, KRITER ERP contains powerfut e-commerce (B2C) as native processes to give you all the power yoiu need in just one product. You can forget about problems with integration, logistics, and payment methods and concentrate on your goal: sell. More information


Mobile Solutions (repcamp)

It provides your sales force and IT whit a flexible solution completely integrated with KRITER ERP so they can easily and efficiently do their job in real time. More information

Inventory management solutions

No matter how coplex you stock, KRITER ERP has everything you need to manage it: Serial numbers, lots, location, traceability...there will be no problem with the centralized control of all you warehouses, including your network of stores (orders, repacements, returns, e-commerce). 


client portal prek (b2b)

Not you, not your sales team, much less your clients will complain  about not being able to manage in real time the information needed for daily work: product catalogue, prices, estimates, orders, deliveries, invoices, statistics, technical documentation, GCK. 

Cloud Solutions

KRITER has its own data center using the SaaS model as well as different options to meet the needs of each client (on premise, cloud, or a hybrid model) .