KRITER SOFTWARE, solutions for the future

Firstly, thank you very much for your interest.

I founded KRITER Software in 1989 with the vision of becoming business management system manufacturers.

From day one, we developed our products orienting them to offer simple and trustworthy solutions, that would evolve side by side with our client's needs. Listening to them has been the greatest motivational focus we've ever had, and has given a huge boost to our team's creativity. After making your needs part of ours, we've had to accomplish constant challenges as we try to do our best in giving quick and complete answers to them.

Our solutions are standard products, that allow a quick and simple parameterization, so our implantations can be fast and effective.

With just one code version, we go after reducing your investment's risk to the minimum, and assure you low-cost maintenance services that keep your solution always updated and operational.

My greatest satisfaction is assuring you that, if you trust us, you wont regret it. I like to say that we must be more aware of what we are selling, that you, of what you are buying. That's our obligation, guaranteeing your investment's success.

Our largest prescribers are you, satisfied users who still rely on our commitment.

During all these years, and will continue happening, technology has advanced exponentially. Our engineers are responsible for putting the new potentials available transparently.

Today, our KRITER ERP management platform is extended and connected to multiple applications and mobile devices. With universal availability and access to information (24/7) tablets and mobile phones with Web services platform for B2B, B2C or RepCamp App.

Strange as it may seem, from Software KRITER continue fighting to defend the values of seriousness, commitment, and honesty, seeking excellence of our products with a single desire: your satisfaction. today and always.


Joan Mora Bosch. Founder. CEO.